Monday, October 06, 2003

IT began when I went around writing short messages in Arabic, mostly "hello" and stuff, on people's message boards. IT included Katye drawing on my face with marker to make me look like a devil, Katye locking me out of my room briefly, Laura dancing in the hall as only Laura can dance, my wallet stolen, Gail making bizarre accusations, me calling Katye a bitch (in French) on her board, and a lot of wrestling around as she tried to pick my pockets. IT finally ended when Katye stole some files off my computer and sent them to herself, presumably as a little light reading, but only after searching through my hard drive and finally finding my porn folder. IT was fun.

In other news, I've won the game of Assocksination. By this afternoon the game had got down to just four people: me, Richard (my target, a guy who no one knows that well), Gail, and Alex (Gail's target, a girl who also is not well known on the hall). And of course Alex has me. Since Richard and Alex haven't been trying too hard the game is sort of stalled, so Gail and I felt safe going to dinner together. And Eric was there too. Well, we got to the Pit and lucky me - Richard was waiting in line at the grill. So I killed both him and Gail in the time it took me to hit him with my sock, pick it up, and turn around and hit Gail. She never even tried to run - she must have known resistance is futile.

Okay, I haven't technically won, the game isn't over yet. But I've made the most kills - eight, five more than Gail, the person in second place. And now it's down me and one other person. So I've definitely won half the prize for the "number of kills", and if I can get Alex before she's got me I will be the last person left as well, which will mean I've won the whole shebang.

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