Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I spent all of yesterday on a bus. I'm now home for Thanksgiving weekend. It's been idyllically pleasant. I have nothing but an Arabic worksheet hanging over my head, I've been reunited with books I haven't seen since May, and my sister - wonder of wonders - has been in a good mood. But now that I think of it, that might be caused by - well, I shouldn't say. I plan to show my parents the URL for this, so now that's one more set of things I'll have to censor.

Last Saturday night we had the Tiernan Project Turkey Party. (The Tiernan Turkey Party? Or just the Turkey Party? Hell, who cares about the official name of a party.) It was fun. It would have been more fun if there were more people there. In fact, the small size was almost a little depressing. But it was fun. There was dancing and stuff with friends rather than complete strangers, there were drinks chosen for flavor or at least variety rather than "which type of keg is the cheapest?", and we could have drinks without cramming a dozen people into one, maybe two people's dorm rooms. IMO, well worth the price of admission.

Every Turkey Party begins with a costume competition - which person or group can have the most entertaining costume with a turkey theme? This year there were two competitors. Well, one person and one group, so three competitors, but... anyways. Brian wore a beak and tail (or did he wear a tail? I don't remember) with all-black clothes, shiny rubber pants, and sunglasses - the Matrix Turkey! Or just the turkey from the Meatrix, I guessed. And the other act was Laura Z and Dave Iseaslfjis, who dressed as Ace and Gary, the Ambiguously Gay Turkeys. It was politically incorrect, and it was funny right up until the minute Dave sat on my lap.

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