Friday, November 14, 2003

I went to talk to Professor Kyburg before class yesterday, about a toned-down version of what I wrote the other day. He seemed pretty understanding. And in preparing for class I looked through the syllabus and found that my recent bad grades aren't that important. It's very dubious good news that I just have to do well on the final paper - %40 of class grade - but it's nice to know that I was overreacting the night before last. (I spent hours going from one library to another, checking out philosophy books from the fifties, when I could have been studying for a test in another class.) I don't know about Kyburg... I get to talking to him for a few minutes and I feel guilty about all the terrible things I've written and thought. But that doesn't mean I like the class any better. He's... he's a friendly guy in person, almost like I imagine a grandfather would be, I don't know, he's just an incompetent teacher.

And as for that test in Applied Data Analysis, it was tough, but I think I did all right. Sure, I didn't study enough and was fumbling and didn't quite have time to finish. But the silver lining is, so was everyone else. I mean, at least a quarter of the class was there until the last minute just like me. So I couldn't have done that badly.

Physical therapy for my knee problems is coming along all right. MY GOD but that trainee physical therapist who's been handling me for the past two weeks is hot. It's times like this that I WISH I HAD A BETTER MEMORY FOR NAMES!

Sorry. Physical therapy. Right. I'm making progress, slowly but surely. But unfortunately, my knee exercises are the only exercises I've had at all in... three weeks? A month? More? I quit Tae Kwon Do because I had better things to do Monday and Wednesday nights. I couldn't start fencing because of the knee problems. And since I've stopped smoking, my long nighttime walks have ended.

Hell, maybe that's why I've been so depressed and bored lately - no exercise. Everyone knows that exercise is fun and gets it, whatever "it" happens to be, out of your system, and here I am - the most strenuous thing I've done in weeks is walking to the store with a heavy backpack.

But what could I do? Go for long walks? Not in this weather. It's far too late in the semester to take up any sport except of course Tae Kwon Do, which I quit for a reason. Hmmm... I could practice my forms. But I don't plan on going back to the club here (ever? wow) and it would be pretty damn hard to teach myself the forms they do back home from scratch, from the diagrams. Hard, yes... But wouldn't it be cool if I could go back there for Thanksgiving and know them all?

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