Friday, November 21, 2003

Yesterday I got great news: I got into Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction. It's great news because this is the second time I've tried to get into a class with this teacher. The first time he rejected me because my writing sample was science fiction and he doesn't like science fiction. He told me about another class I could take instead and assured me it would fulfill the same requirement for the major as the one I had tried to get into, but I double-checked and he was wrong. Friends of mine who have taken class with him have had nothing but praise, and I sure hope they're right - my experience with the man does not incline me towards optimism. And a second reason it's great news is the fact that it was the only class in doubt. Unless something really weird happens with another one, my classes are now finalized. And registration week isn't even over. This is the first time in my college career I've been able to say that.

My schedule for next semester is that Advanced Creative Writing class, on Thursday from 2-4:30; Readings in Classical Arabic Literature, time uncertain but probably MWF at 10; Game Theory, on T,TH at 12:30; and Logical Methods in Philosophy, on T,TH at 11.

The very observant reader might notice something: that's almost exactly the same as my current schedule. The writing class is on a different day and unlike right now there's no French class, but that's it.

I have quite a bit more to write, about my plans for this weekend and for Thanksgiving and other stuff in my life, but now's not the time.

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