Saturday, January 24, 2004

Laura's birthday party last night was fun. There were two RAs there, which makes me wonder: if RAs are at a party with drinking and stuff, does that mean the RAs are cool, or that everyone else there is lame? Of course, just asking that question sounds stupid to me. "Cool"? "Lame"? What am I, still in high school? By this point I think everyone, especially me, should be aware of just how judgemental and stupid and simplistic and subjective that sounds. But... well, it's very rare that someone changes how they think. And anyways, since there were seven people playing some Yahoo! text scrambling game on Crystal's computer while the party was going on behind their backs, I suspect it's the second choice, not the first.

Also, I'm curious about something: why is beer so popular? Or I guess I should say, how in the world does bad beer stay profitable? Being drunk feels good, but my god, why would anyone choose to do it on something like Rolling Rock or Genny Lite? After having a few Coors Lite last night, I'll cheerfully laugh in the face of anyone who gives me a hard time about my Smirnoff Ice.

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