Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Well, here I am back at school. (Where I've been since Sunday night, actually.) Classes don't start until tomorrow, so I'm still just relaxing and catching up with friends and stuff.

My fridge was disgusting when I got back, but it's usable now. And I haven't been sleeping well for some reason. Was I really gone so long that my bed here at college is now unfamiliar? But other than that, it's back to the same old routine, more or less.

For the last few days of vacation, back home in Vermont it was actually too cold to snow. From Wednesday or Thursday until when I left on Sunday, I don't think it got above 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, that sounds bad, right? But Sunday I had to drag a packed suitcase from CLARC, where my taxi dropped me off, to Burton. Through the heavy snowfall. "Too cold to snow" isn't all bad.

I've begun my New Year's resolutions in earnest, and I have the blisters to show for it. Trying 30 minutes on a treadmill showed me that my sneakers are in terrible shape. I didn't get in the habit of regular gym-type exercise until just a week before vacation, and while I was back home I just used my dad's shoes since I'd left mine here.

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