Monday, January 19, 2004

Well, I got my comments fixed. Apparently the guy who ran the service I used to use couldn't afford to do it any more. Now I wish I had donated money - it was free, supported only by himself and donations. A real grass-roots/community type thing. Luckily, no comments were lost, since they were just (bought out by?) transferred to another service. But I sort of wonder if this new Haloscan thing has any better business plan than Blogspot, the old one.

My work at the Campus Times has begun. (I'm one of the three news editors.) (Well, I've been writing for the CT since the fall of my sophomore year. But a lowly writer has no authority, little responsibility, and isn't worth much on a résumé, so my job is just now getting interesting, useful, and challenging.) As a result of tonight's meeting, I'm working on a story about Martin Luther King Jr. Day events on campus. That should be fun. And I asked Greg, the opinions editor (an opinions editor? I don't know if he's the only one, but I guess he probably is) if I could write an editorial about some recent trouble at Sigma Alpha Mu.

I didn't go to Randy's birthday party tonight because I planned on getting some work done around now. I have, I suppose, but it's not the work. Of course, I didn't do the work yesterday because I was busy playing computer games. I suck.

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