Friday, February 06, 2004

Bleh. Tired, but also bored. It's Friday night - there has to be something I could do that doesn't involve sitting here.

Mitch Hedberg was fun. I thought he was stoned, but apparently I'm too stupid to realize that a comedian would never preform drunk or stoned on campus. Well, it was a good act, I'd say. I liked the "Dr. Acula" joke, and the "three easy payments and one complicated payment", and there was at least one more that really stood out for me (but apparently not enough.)

Okay, so I'm going to the Masquerade Ball with Anna, and that's good. But I'm not a very good dancer, and that's bad. But it may or not be too bad. I don't expect a magical romantic evening with a girl who was a "safety date" twice over, but hope I won't step on her toes constantly and won't be brushed off while she goes and dances with actual friends and... you know what? I worry too damn much. Tomorrow night will be fine. It will even be fun - for some inexplicable reason, I like stuff like this. I should really learn to get more sleep, because for whatever reason, I get depressed when I get tired. That's all.

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