Thursday, February 05, 2004

Hmmm. Lewis just dropped Logical Methods in Philosophy (the class at 11 am on Tuesday and Thursday we both were in.) Considering that he's actually a philosophy major who likes that stuff, and considering that he has more experience with the late nights and early mornings of the Campus Times than I do, I think that's a bad omen.

I will never be able to count on making Thursday morning classes in that class. Even if we at the CT become an efficient, organized, well-oiled machine (and the odds of that aren't great), there's always the chance of important stories coming in late, which will add hours to our time. Not necessarily as many as it did these past few weeks, no, but still, that's simply a major factor beyond our control. So the point is, I can never expect to make it to more than, say, a third of my 11 am Thursday classes. And it's a tough class, tough enough to drive out someone with a lot more going for him than me. Should I really be taking it???

I don't know. I'd avoid drastic decisions tonight anyways, considering my tendency to be, er, cranky. And I've been thinking about this entry more or less all day and it's not as clear as it seemed at first, so I've already decided not to jump to the obvious negative conclusion. Before I do anything about it, I really should ask Lewis more about why he left and stuff. I mean, he did mention that he had been taking an overload, so this is just dropping down to the normal four classes. And since he's majoring in it and even plans to go to do post-grad studies, maybe he cares more about getting a good grade than I would, since I only need a C or better for my cluster.

Also, I'll really look hard at this next homework - if it's doable, then maybe I can get by with Tuesday classes and the textbooks. Hopefully.

In other news (heh, no pun intended, I just noticed), I suddenly see why people complain about the CT so much. Looking at the whole thing in finished form with a few hours sleep under my belt, I am not very impressed with my section. Maybe I'd notice as many mistakes in the other sections if I knew it as well, or maybe our section really was the sloppiest this week. (It's hard to tell - which would be worse?) Hairlines not lining up, a period in what should be a blank line, a name misspelled in a caption, plus several places where articles were either written badly or written lazily.

To an extent, of course, there's an excuse for this. We're still dealing with the problems caused by newness, (though that excuse is completely used up by now), and news and sports are the only two sections that have to be updated and stuff down to the last minute. When Features or Opinions have perfectly written articles with no split clauses or unanswered questions, and when they're stories fit together as tightly and neatly as a jigsaw puzzle, it's not all that impressive considering that they've potentially had the articles in their possession for a couple weeks. For us to do that would be a sign of great skill, effort, or luck, considering that there will inevitably be some stories not written until Wednesday afternoon.

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