Thursday, February 26, 2004

I lead a life filled with routine - duh. But that's to a large degree voluntary and to a certain degree unwelcome. Yesterday while researching a story was the first time I'd ever set foot in the Hillside Lounge, and it looks like a nice place. I'll have breakfast there tomorrow, assuming of course that I'm awake in time before class.

Lesson learned at the CT this week: If I don't put in about 4 hours of work on Tuesday, and/or if my article(s) are not completely finished by 4 pm on Wednesday, then I'm doing something wrong and I can't expect to be done by 6 am.

I guess this is why Chad and Lewis call being done before 6 am, "living the dream". Wednesday morning I thought things were looking good if not great. (In retrospect, I was pretty damn stupid to call it "great" when I had yet to do %95 of the work on an important story, but still. That's how it seemed at the time.) We didn't have much space to fill, we definitely had no shortage of stuff to fill it with, both Sandeep and I had no other time commitments... [1] Overall, it should have been a very good deadline night, but we were there until 6:30 or 6:40 again. It looks like we can only expect to get out before 5 or 6 when nothing unexpected comes up and when we're on top of things and doing as much work ahead of time as possible.

If it weren't for the deadline night stuff - maybe even despite that stuff - this was a good day. I banged out a short story critique at the last minute and expanded on and polished another in the hour before class, I was awake and alert all through class, and I got down to business [2] after class and wrote several e-mails and stuff right away. The Tiernan Project's spaghetti dinner was fun. I met Jody Asbury in person for the first time, and I met a girl in my really tough PHL class and we will (I hope I hope I hope) be able to study together and help each other.

I don't know. I guess that's it. There's a lot more I want to say about the political issues of the day, and political dialogue itself, and some Deep Thoughts (TM), and maybe even some talk about my mood or a halfway sorta-kinda-maybe good thing that happened Wednesday night or how things with me and some friends are changing. But I'm tired, obviously. Now's very much not the time.

[1] In hindsight, there was one single outside factor that got in our way: two other sections were behind for reasons of their own, and they were tying up the printer and stuff more than we're used to. At the time I actually liked this because of the whole "how the mighty have fallen" sort of thing, but now it seems we were getting in each other's way quite a bit.

[2] Well, relatively. They weren't the most pressing or absolutely important responsibilities I have at the moment. But still, they were responsibilities, and I got them out of the way.

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