Thursday, February 19, 2004

Lessons learned this week:

If at all possible, either me or Sandeep should have the free time to take on a story at the last minute. This basically means that whichever one of us has the heavier course workload (or indeed any at all) should not take any stories from the predictable-and-planned budget.

I also learned that we need to work closely with certain writers for a while. One story we printed, because it was big and because we placed it early and were loathe to change it, had so much of a slant to it that it should almost have been in the op-ed section. And another story we printed, because it was by a new writer who we didn't want to alienate right out of the gate, was - I don't want to be mean just in case my readership is even bigger than I thought somehow, but - bad.

More insightful commentary to follow later. Right now, dinner.

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