Thursday, February 19, 2004

Should I stick with the fencing club?

I was running around in circles mentally a few months ago just like this over Tae Kwon Do, wasn't I.

But really, I'm only doing it once a week, or even less. This is because there's no point in beginners like me coming to weekend classes until we stop being beginners. And the non-weekend classes are on Wednesday night, when I'm busy as fuck, and Thursday, when I'm tired from Wednesday and also pretty busy on its own.

On Wednesday nights there's the Campus Times meetings. It's getting better and we're all getting more skilled at and experienced in the job, but even so we haven't finished before 6 am on Wednesday yet. And then I have classes. I am doing badly in the first, and at this rate I'll soon be doing badly in the second of them. And then there's often a small-but-not-necessarily-easy homework assignment for Arabic, which I have to do Thursday. What with all those responsibilities (whether I actually meet them or not, like in my first two classes, I *should* be meeting them), do I really want to give up another two hours of time and energy?

You know... no. I don't feel like going tonight for several reasons, but it's my only chance for a week... i think i'll probably put off *really* starting for another semester. At least in the fall I'll be expert and veteran at the CT. And I can presumably give myself a better schedule. Yeah, of the 3 classes I still need to take to graduate, I'm sure none of them are before noon. Cooool...

And hey, this gives me yet another reason to be a Take Five student. It could turn out to be yet another thing I talk about but am too apathetic or wimpy to do anything with, but at this rate I'll have to do it just because I'm getting so many commitments that are multi-year things or that I won't be able to do for too long.

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