Tuesday, February 10, 2004

You know what? I just need to realize that I am the boss. I mean, Hell, I am one of two news editors. If I'd just stop bending over backwards to be considerate of writers, and planned just a little more and thought ahead a bit further and otherwise acted like a boss, and if I worried about what my section and I need instead of what some random fraternity brother I've met all of once in my life needs, this job would go a lot better.

I shouldn't have made that promise to him in the first place. Since it looks like I'm going to break it, I should call him up and let him know in advance and apologize and stuff and never do it again. And then I should write the damn story, be done with it, and leave my work in the office for a few hours or days.

Lol. All that sounds simply hilarious, considering that my last real job was as an assistant cook/busboy at a tiny restaurant down south. Suddenly I'm trying to be a regular Perry White.

Well, better Superman's boss than Dilbert's boss.

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