Thursday, March 25, 2004

My quotes on the CT quote board, in no order except for vertical:

"You're a fucking useless idiot." -Cyrus to Brian

"We have to show this to Richard Tipton." -Cyrus
"Yes, but nowhere does it show him with his clothes off, so what's the point?" -Alissa

"You should ask Chad first. D'oh! I sound like Lewis!" -Cyrus

"Hi, I'm Cyrus - the news editor. Can I get some sexy text?" -Cyrus to Kim
"Dude, that sounded like a pick-up line!" -Michael

"He always wears chain mail." -Alissa
"That's why you kick him in the nuts!" -Cyrus

"Brielle said she'd have the article in by Sunday. I'm trying to think of phrases that would make me happier, but they all involve oral sex." -Cyrus

"What's the jumpword on the pipes story?" -Cyrus
"Pipes." -Sandeep and Lewis

And that's not even counting several quotes about me, but not by me. I think it's very strange that anyone would say some of those things in those situations, let alone me.

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