Friday, March 12, 2004

Normally I think my computer sucks. It's a Gateway, and about a year after I got it I began to suspect that Gateways in general were bad computers. The floppy drive wasn't connected properly when I got it, there's this weird... reverb, I guess you'd call it, when I use a microphone to talk to someone by webcam, the computer freezes completely if I ever let the screen saver turn off the monitor, and every so often I try to turn the computer on and there's a clicking, buzzing noise and it just won't start and I have to try again later. Oh, and how could I forget the fact that the hard drive has completely crashed twice.

But every time I get too mad at my computer, another vacation comes along and I use my parent's computer for a while and damn does this thing suck. It's an IBM machine running Windows 2000. It's slow as death, getting rid of adware and spyware is almost impossible, it always gives you incomprehensible and useless error messages, there are a bunch of Win2000 "features" that are basically bugs because we don't want them but don't know how to turn them off, and it's so fucking fragile that it'll freeze if you're running AIM, Word, and 2 or 3 browser windows and you start playing a CD. Today its Internet Explorer is refusing to work. If I open too many windows, or the windows are running too many applets or they're too complicated or something, then all windows close. But that's just today. If I check with my parents in a week, I'm sure there'll be a completely different problem.

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