Monday, March 08, 2004

Oh, that was great. I am so lucky. I don't normally think of it because it only works on certain aspects of my life or it affects the background stuff you usually don't notice or just because I'm a whiny little pussy, but I am so fucking lucky.

My bus left this morning at 7:25 a.m. I called for a cab around 6:50 a.m. I realized that this wasn't smart when the guy at the first number said there would be an hour wait, and the guy at the second hung up without giving me a time estimate. And yet I made it to the station with minutes to spare. Cool.

I had a scare when I got here, though. No one was waiting for me. So I walked across the street to the first working payphone I found - a not irrelevant distinction - and called home only to get an answering machine. I started walking, hoping I'd only have to go as far as the Alpine Shop, where Zoƫ works. Luckily, my mom found me before I even got that far - she had read the message about when my bus was coming in a few minutes after it actually did. I guess I should be thankful she got it at all. Especially considering that my sister wasn't at work, so I would have had to walk back the whole way home, about a mile or so, if she had never found me.

You'll notice my narrative jumps from getting on the bus to getting off it. Yes, it was boring. I read, I ate at stops, I slept not much but just enough to be functioning well now. Anyways, after getting off the bus mom and I went to dinner at this place outside town called Rosie's, and I came back here and spent a while reading some books I had spent Christmas gift certificates on and had sent here, and now I'm here writing.

A more detailed update on Vegas - VEGAS, BABY :) - will have to wait until there's nothing good on TV and/or I'm not talking to friends.

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