Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Okay, so I got back to my room and the little red light was on so I listened to my messages, and I got one from someone which just said, "Cyrus, this is Chris, call me back, I'll be here all night," and I didn't have a clue who it was. There are a half a dozen people I'm desperate to hear back from, and none of them is a guy named Chris. Is it something important? Is it something old and now out-of-date because I let it go for too long? Am I having a mental block and one of the stories I'm working on is really about someone named Chris, not Greg or Alex or something? I'm on a sugar high, I'm energized, I'm busy, I'm stressed.

So I give up and go to the bathroom, which I was about to do anyways. There happens to be someone in the shower at the time. When I'm about half done I suddenly remember that I had called Chris Calo earlier about a minor story someone asked me to run to clear up a confusion. So I say, "Calo!" out loud, and then, "Oh, that feels good," to have the mystery solved and know that the thing I'd forgot wasn't important after all.

Whoever the guy in the shower was, if he heard me say, "Calo! Oh, that feels good," he was probably surprised.

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