Monday, March 22, 2004

Well, work is coming along. It's not doing as well as I had hoped, but it's doing something. The amount I'd hoped to finish over the weekend was sort of ambitious, but I can finish it tonight. (Or at least the important parts of it. I don't need to be completely and totally caught up on my Arabic worksheets. I've done about half, that's enough for the moment.) If I just make some of my calls for the affirmative action story and do the two remaining short story critiques tonight, I can spend every free minute tomorrow working on the philosophy exam and writing up my story - which WILL be done by noon on Wednesday if not before, dammit! And that, in turn, would give me big parts of Wednesday and Thursday morning to finish the exam. Cutting it close, yes, but not as much as I did last week at least. And hey, it doesn't look that hard.

Of course, saying "it doesn't look that hard" about a test is roughly the equivalent of saying "I think it's finally working" about the printer or "I hope it won't rain" on vacation or "I'll be right back" in a horror movie. Shit!

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