Thursday, April 01, 2004

Bring me the head of Nancy Speck!

Yesterday, in addition to the normal paper, we also had 3 pages in the April Fools' issue. And probably worst of all, there were three major stories that in one way or another we didn't find out about until Tuesday night or later. We knew Sigma Alpha Mu was in danger of losing its house, but the decision wasn't announced until Wednesday morning. We knew in general terms that some professors had written a letter protesting the College Republicans' bake sale, but no more than that. And finally, worst of all, (if only because there's no excuse for it but laziness or incompetence on someone's part), the SA Presidential debates were scheduled for Wednesday night - and announced Tuesday afternoon.

So yesterday's work at the paper was hard, but considering all the obstacles I should be extremely glad it was no harder than it was.

The issue looks great, though. No - issueS. Both the real one and the April Fools' one. So far only a couple mistakes have come to my attention, and they look very minor, and only one of them is even in my section. (Of course, the papers have only been out for like 6 hours, but still.) And don't forget the content. Three important stories, very well written (despite being too heavily edited) even though they were all thrown together at the last minute, and they don't even have errors big enough for someone to be yelling at me yet. Both Nick and Alissa did great jobs (and/or were really lucky: I'm amazed SAM leaders were willing to talk to us on the record.)

I'm doing something good. And I'm doing it well.

Well, I'm never one to complain when I get invited to go out (even though I have no clue where) with some fun girls, so it looks like bed will have to be postponed another few minutes more.

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