Monday, April 12, 2004

My computer hadn't been working well for some reason. Every so often I'd start it up and there would be a series of beeps and it would sound like the processor was working, but the monitor would never show anything. Either they weren't connected right, or the processor sounded like it was working but wasn't normally. So far I would just hit the force reset button when I heard those beeps and it would work on the second try, or at worst I'd just leave it and it would work 5 minutes later.

But this morning it wouldn't start at all no matter how many times I hit reset, so I had to get into it. And I finally got the computer working again. It seems the problem was simply caused by the 3D accelerator card somehow. I took it out. I can’t really play Warcraft at the moment, until I get it replaced or fixed — and in fact, that’s probably actually a good thing.

At the CT meeting tonight, Brian was so convincing and earnest about the changes he has planned for his section that I decided not to move to impeach him after all. Besides, if he gets his way we’ll only have to put up with him for two more weeks anyway.

I didn’t get much “work” work done today, but on the other hand I wrote several e-mails and signed up for the remainder of my classes (assuming I’m going for a poli-sci major, passing Game Theory this year, and not starting Spanish until my 5th year if at all.) So in other words, I’ve made plans, but they are subject to change. So, all that counts as productive. I think.

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