Monday, May 03, 2004

Perks of being an editor of the Campus Times:
- A chance for a trip to an annual college journalism conference. Four editors go every year. This year it was in Las Vegas.
- Free food on Wednesdays nights. Given the amount of time we put in over the entire week, the value of the free food works out to be the same as getting paid about $.50/hr, and the variety could be better, but still, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Free food from off-campus is very nice.
- A extracurricular activity that looks great on a resume. Speaks for itself, really.
- Free stuff people send us to review. All this belongs to the Features department, not news; but they aren't greedy. I've got a half-dozen comic books this way, and other people have claimed CDs. And yesterday I found a free ticket for two people to an advance screening of Van Helsing. Cooool... If I could figure out where the damn thing was playing!

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