Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Pros of livejournal:
- All my friends are doing it.
- It apparently has all kinds of interactions with friends and levels of access, like public posts vs. private ones, and a bunch of cool little extras like profiles and many different smileys and stuff.
- Huge and colorful variety of templates, and it has avatars, and it apparently allows at least some degree of graphics posting, and so on. (Counterpoint: the UR provides something like 100MB of free server space to every student, so if I just took an hour to figure out the details of how, I could post all kinds of stuff here by hosting it there and linking to it.)
- Comments, comments, comments. They are perfectly reliable and better than they've ever been here.

Pros of blogspot:
- I already have it.
- If you're willing to willing to mess around with HTML a little, this actually seems more customizable. I really like having that sidebar with all those links, for example, and as far as I can tell by looking at my friends' blogs, livejournal doesn't offer that.

Conclusions, for the moment:
- Livejournal is prettier, but blogspot is much more of a blank slate. It can be anything I'm willing to make it, but (correct me if I'm wrong) it looks like livejournal doesn't have that potential.
- I'm sticking with what I have, for now.

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