Thursday, May 27, 2004

Things are going great for my dad at the moment. In the past week he accepted an offer on the Paige House (which he's been trying to sell for more than half my life), he got offered a job (the best and closest of a dozen he applied for), and we've started serious work on the house.

And hey, it's good news for me too. I'm (finally) organizing my room and really moving in here, and there are finally plans to get rid of the cutesy paint job for a spoiled little girl's room that have been in my room for a couple years, so it's nice that we won't have to move to my dad's job across the state. And the work on the house I don't care about so much, but at least I'll probably be able to negotiate pay from it and it gives me something productive to do on days when I'm not subbing.

And speaking of which, I did it again today. Two of the classes were quite a bit worse than what I've had to deal with on other days. Still, it's worth the money. And it's good practice for next week. When I start doing it for two weeks straight, to replace a teacher who's leaving early. That should be, er, interesting.

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