Thursday, May 06, 2004

Three classes done, one to go. And two issues of the paper still.

Actually, that Game Theory exam today didn't go as badly as I expected. Of course, that's damning with faint praise, but still. I might - MIGHT - have got all three problems basically right. I'm %90 sure I got %90 of the first problem right. As for the second one, iff I read the question right, I did all right on it, but I might not have. Because there was this thing where it gave a formula for the profits that wasn't what I'd come up with intuitively, so I went with what was in the problem. If that's a typo or if I took it to mean something other than what it was then I probably got all of problem 2 wrong, but if not then I might have got it all right. And problem 3 was just weird. I didn't do a very complete job on it since I was running out of time (aren't exams supposed to be 3 hours, not less than 2?), and Alissa got something different on it from me and she's been doing much better in the class than I, so I don't know... Well, we'll see. If I did as well on this as I think I might have, AND if that fucking asshole professor grades on a curve (despite the fact that he's implied he doesn't), then I have a chance of getting a decent grade.

On a completely unrelated note, I saw something a minute ago that looked like fun: how to make your porn star name. What you do is, apparently, use the name of your first pet as the first name and the street you live on as the last name. Let's see... my family had a cat named Omar who died when I was like 5 and growing up I lived on Lilliesville Brook Road, but Lilliesville doesn't sound like a name and using just Lily or Lillie sounds too girly... I've also lived on South Main St. (boring) and now live on Morningside St. in another town, and of course, I live in Burton Hall... But then, if Omar died of old age when I was 5 he's hardly my pet, so maybe I should start counting with Panda, the cat that's basically "mine", but that's a dumb name for a person... Pand's nephews are Lucas and Felix...

Felix Burton? Lucas Lily? Heh, I've always liked alliteration. Omar Morningside? Cool!

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