Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sorry about my lack of online presence lately. A teacher left early because she had to move with her family or something, and I'm covering for her during the last 2 weeks of school, which started yesterday. So it's early to bed, early to rise for me. I have 1st and 4th period free, so I'm writing this in the classroom.

The teacher was one Mrs. Comolli, and the classes are business and computer stuff. More specifically, there's three periods of Computer Applications (it's Powerpoint for the rest of the year, even I can do that), and one period each of Intro to Marketing, Business Communications, and Finance and Marketing. I'll have to do a little work to give the classes stuff to do, but apparently Mrs. Comolli is very anal - she almost planned out everything I'll do, day by day.

So far - it's only been one day so far, but hey - things have gone well. As I said, I'll have to work to have stuff to do for certain classes, but I haven't had any disciplinary problems or anything. Someone in the next room even remarked on how quiet things have been.

Of course, that's only debatably good, because it means that people aren't discussing ideas or anything. But I've learned - or rather, been reminded - that high school kids don't care. To them, all work is busywork, it's just a matter of degree. Of course, I knew this myself when I was in high school. There were some classes I liked, or at least wasn't bored in, but a lot I didn't like. I just forgot it. I often joke that I've repressed all the memories of my childhood, and here's another example. But now that I think of it, it's been four years since high school, since I had to sit in a class or study a subject that I had no choice in. Even classes I didn't like, or ones with bad teachers, I had mistakenly thought would be fun or else they were the lesser of two evils. And some unpleasant classes in France - hey, they didn't matter, I already had my diploma and everything. So I've had four years of fun or at least voluntary classes, which made it hard for me to remember that many aren't.

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