Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'm amazed at how many weird coincidences and "wow, it's a small world" moments I've had in the past three days.

Wednesday, at the restaurant interview, I mentioned that I was from Bethel to Stephanie, the woman who owned the place with her husband. She was familiar with Bethel because her uncle was from there - Tom Kellog, a name I had heard a lot as a kid because my dad knew him.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when Mary, my manager, pronounced my last name correctly. I congratulated her on it, and she said it was because she had known another Levesque - Phil Levesque. He was the president or chairman of the board or something at Gifford hospital in Randolph until he died like 10 years ago. He's no relation to us except maybe distantly, but my family knew his daughter Sharon just because we used to get her mail all the time.

When Rose and some mechanic guy told Howard, the second shift manager, that I lived in Middlebury, he asked me if I had a sister who just graduated. Apparently he knew Zoƫ because he had been a substitute teacher in several of her classes.

And the one that seemed most incredible of all at the time - when I was looking down the rack for my time card, I saw one with the name "Campbell, Crystal". In my class back in high school there was a Michelle Campbell, and she had an older sister named Crystal. Was it the same person? Well, to hear the vague description from the one person I could find who knew her, probably not. But even so, I was excited to see it, and a lot more excited when I walked by a manager's office and saw a printed poster saying something like, "Congratulations on the twins, Crystal!" No last name, but it seemed like a very reasonable conclusion to jump to.

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