Monday, July 19, 2004

Same old, same old.

Computer games, biking to get around whenever the situation allows it, looking for work. Today I did something I should have done weeks ago, but didn't because I didn't know such a place existed in this town: stopped by the employment & training office in Middlebury. Got some good leads. I have two job interviews scheduled for tomorrow, which is encouraging. But then, the place I've been most optimistic about so far has just blown me off, so...

Dammit. I need to have work by the time my dad gets back in a week. If I can't manage that, then I need to at least have painted the dining room.

Where is my dad, you ask? In the bottom of the Grand Canyon. With my sister. (Oh yeah, see previous entry.)

Maybe this job stuff is karma catching up on me. In the past I've relied on luck quite a bit, and it served me well. My employment history: I got the first job I ever applied for (phone operator at a mail-order computer games store), and whenever I had free time I could play computer games, which should tell you something. In 2002 I was quickly hired in the grocery department at Shaw's, and then a job I had applied to earlier got back to me and offered me something that paid better and had a ton of free time (snack bar manager). I had quite a few complaints about that job, but still - it paid well and had a ton of free time. And last summer, down in South Carolina, it took me a little over a week to find work, but by comparison to this week I hadn't been trying hard I don't think. And when I did find it, I just walked into a restaurant and the owner hired me on the spot and it turned out to be a fun job with nice people. So with such a history of luck in the job department, maybe my luck has just run out.

I went down to Jo's last night and hung out with her and Kendra. Fun. I think I'll cut back though; I'm not used to smoking so often. And I don't want to get used to it. We watched "The Crow" - Jo has a great collection of geek/SF movies - and played Uno.


A. Azuri said...

Oh wow... I remember playing Uno when I was younger... that's a great game. The cards are still kicking around somewhere... now didn't I bring them to UVM, just in case? I never used them, I know that...

Damn. I want to be in college right now.


Anonymous said...

You'd better not get used to smoking too much. I bet I can con our old deal out of you again -- and maybe this time I'll actually enforce my end if you cheat.

Anonymous said...

Its okay. I told him he had to stop smoking when he went back to school. Its all my fault though. I have this side effect that I cause chain-smoking in others. Sorry.