Monday, August 30, 2004

It's official: I underpacked.

But I can take comfort in the fact that it seems to be just minor and unimportant stuff. I mean, there have been several other times when I underpacked for a year/semester/vacation, and I wound up being unable to join my cousin swimming or having to go to a formal dance in hiking boots. I seem to have brought all the important stuff - well, I've only had a couple days to find out so far, but I'm pretty sure I have everything major - I'm just missing a bunch of books I'd like to lend people or read myself and some pictures I'd like to put up on the wall, that kind of thing.

It seems (though it's not definite yet) that Arabic culture classes could probably be counted as an allied field towards a poli-sci major, but Arabic language classes definitely not. Since I only have one of the former, I think I'm in exactly the same boat as I am with using philosophy as an allied field. (I've taken some logic classes as my natural sciences and engineering cluster, but I can only apply one of them to the poli-sci allied field requirement since I'm using them to meet a different requirement for graduation.)

Soooo... at this point I have several choices. I can double major in English and Political Science, using philosophy as an allied field for the poli-sci major, and make a minor of the Arabic classes I've already taken. In that case I'd have to overload by one class next semester, or even more than that if I want a little variety and diversity instead of solid English and poli-sci this entire year. Or I could do a double major using Arabic as the allied field, the only difference being the fact that Arab culture classes would (probably) be easier than philosophy classes, but at the same time even less interesting since I've studied that area more.

OR I can do a major in English and double minors in poli-sci and Arabic, which cuts the number of classes I need to take this year from nine all the way down to three, which would give me a ton of free time to do other stuff. Start learning Spanish, take some math or maybe even science classes to get a more broad-based education since I've almost completely avoided those during my college career, take some more English classes to explore the tremendous breadth of our language rather than the bare minimum of graduation requirements... the possibilities are endless. If I try to double major - and it's occurred to me since getting back that I can in fact do it; the work wouldn't be too much at all, especially compared to what some friends are going through - then even though I could complete it, I would not have the time to get into anything else. But if I don't, then really, this last year (or next to last???) could be the most mind-expanding of all. Er, no drug reference intended.

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Anonymous said...

I faced the same double major or not question yesterday (mon). That was whether to double BA in BCS and ASL, or to BS in BCS and maybe minor in ASL.

The deciding factor for me was that although I have to take the same number of classes either way (an insane amount for a senior year), one way has different kinds of classes. Now I'm taking a computer science and some linguistics instead of just lots and lots of ASL.

The key thing to look at is: would you be able to learn these things on your own? Are you taking classes where you could get most of the learning just by reading the books yourself--and would you read them without taking a class? No point in wasting potential credit hours on something you'd do anyway elsewhere.