Tuesday, August 31, 2004

This is probably the best "This Modern World" strip I've seen.

Obviously, I don't waste time posting every time I see an unusually witty comic strip. But this is more than just that. It's funny because it's true. Many people really do make their votes on unimportant stuff. Personality and likeability, stains on a blue dress, whether a person is articulate or not - who the f*ck cares??? But even more than that it's also worth point out because of that stuff about what Bush has done. Sure, there's slant to it - this is a left-wing comic strip. But look at it: even if you call the rest of it slant, it is now undeniably true that Iraq posed no threat to us, or at least no more threat than a dozen other countries we never even thought about. Undeniably true that Iraq's reconstruction could have been planned and handled much better, even if you refuse to believe it's a breeding ground for terrorists. And undeniably true that Bush has created record deficits, even if you make excuses for it.

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