Sunday, September 26, 2004

For once, I'm looking forward to a relaxing week. The Campus Times this week is taking a halfway vacation. Fall break is normally at the beginning of October, so the CT is giving ourselves some time off for the first paper of October, even though fall break is later this year. We're still working, but it's going to be a shorter-than-usual paper and, wonder of wonders, all online. Which makes the editing and everything several times easier. Hopefully Sandeep and I will use this week to get caught up.

The Tiernan Bubbles volleyball team just got back from a game. I don't remember the exact score, but we got creamed. Background on the intramural rules: first team to 30 wins, every serve is a point (not like some games where you only get a point on your own serve) and the winner of a matchup is the team that wins two out of three games. Well, I don't remember the exact scores of the games today, but Tiernan's team didn't break 15 in either of them. But to be fair, I think that says more about our opponents than us. I don't think we had one single serve go wrong, so we're getting better - but none of them were really incompetent, and two or three were actually good enough to spike and overhand serve and stuff.

Before I left my room around 5:15 I put up the Away message, "Studying all too briefly before the volleyball game." All too briefly indeed. I'm sweaty now so I don't feel like going back to Wilson Commons, my room has all the usual distractions, and anyways I have three meetings planned for the rest of the night. I'm sure I'll get to some after those meetings, but still - I should have started trying to work earlier.

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