Sunday, September 19, 2004

I woke up with a hangover this morning. Big surprise, considering what was going on last night. I'm told I was acting very funny once I got drunk. And get drunk I did - I made an extremely strong gin and tonic - roughly half and half - preceded with two beers right before, but almost no food. Either Sandeep had pregamed before he came over, or he just really can't hold his liquor. Because after a while we went downstairs to say hi to Kim, and, well, I admit I wouldn't be the best judge, but still, I think he was acting a lot more drunk than me.

Today I haven't done much. Caught up on some reading, sent out some CT e-mails, and went to the two meetings. Tomorrow should be a busy day, considering some things I've put off. Namely seeing someone about Take Five, someone else about making my poli-sci major official, and seeing the journalism professor (the one journalism professor in this entire school...) about getting a few extra credit hours for my time at the CT. Plus the usual classes and CT work. Now, let's hope I get to at least the first two of those. Anything else, like exercise or something, would be a pleasant bonus.

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