Wednesday, September 08, 2004

OK, that's it. I can't goof off as much. Over the past few days I may have been as school, but I hadn't had any work, I'd only had four class periods spread out over three days, and I got a 3-day weekend. But that has to change. I have reading assignments for classes, I have CT stories to write and edit and pages to lay out. It's time to go from my vacation, do-nothing-but-goof-off-all-day mode to my school, on-top-of-things mode.

I just wish there was more of a difference.

Seriously, though. Tomorrow, either before class or after, I'll stop by the bookstore and get some kind of daytimer, which I think (hope) should help a lot. And just getting back into the habit of it is half the battle. And really, things aren't going that badly. In some ways we're dangerously behind at the CT - I only have one page mockup done, out of four I should have done by now - but there are two stories in and maybe even more I don't know about, and that's a damn good start.

Speaking of which - thank you, Yosuke and Brielle, thank you, thank you, thank you. The CT is a lot of work for very little reward. There are exactly three things that make this worthwhile. First, there's the staff itself - hanging out with people with similar interests as myself, helping each other out and all that fun stuff. Second, there's the people I've met involved with the paper - students, faculty, and alumni from almost every single group on this college. And finally, there's writers like Brielle, Yosuke, and Jeff, who will on short notice write almost any story, do it well without any prompting or specific guidelines, and sometimes even surprise us by getting it in well ahead of the deadline.

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