Saturday, September 18, 2004

On Wednesday the iPod case I had ordered came in the mail. So most of that day I was walking around with my cell phone clipped to the left side of my belt, my iPod clipped to the right, my earphones in my breast pocket and the cord connecting them to the iPod dangling down to my hip, and a pen and notepad in my cargo pocket. Call me dumb, but it felt so cool. Boys with toys and all that.

Today I was waked up a little before noon to go to a community service event I had signed up for - cleaning the basement at this nearby halfway house. Cutting up a rug with box cutters and tearing it up was sort of tough, especially the rug burns, and there were a couple things that you had to hold your nose for, but other than that the job was easy and/or fun.

After getting back from that, I debated going to the cricket club meeting like I'd promised, but the decision was made for me when some people needed the assistance of someone of my age.

After going shopping about 8 or 10 of us went to dinner at the Pit. I debated having a ridiculously unhealthy Philly steak & cheese and fries, but the only thing I had had earlier today was a bowl of cereal, so I splurged.

A Saturday night party is imminent.

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Anonymous said...

haha you have a breast pocket

P.S. I'm sooo bored right now, can't you tell?