Sunday, September 26, 2004

Saturday was fun.

I started the day a few minutes after noon with a trip to the gym. I'm not in quite as good shape as I was at the end of spring, but I'm getting there. After that I had a chicken finger sub for lunch. The cricket club was meeting on the academic quad at 3:30 and Sandeep had badgered me into joining, so I got there at 3:40 and enough people got together to start playing by a little after 4. So I played cricket for the first time, and it was pretty fun. It's like baseball on a playing field shaped very differently. It's more interesting and engaging than baseball (at least, the very small and improvised version we played was) and less exhausting than most other sports.

After that a friend of Sandeep's met us and we went to Wegman's, and I bought some liquor for them at the store nearby. This is the second time in two (three?) weeks I've done something like that. I'm so terrible.

I had sushi for dinner. At 11, about 10 people from the hall went to see the move "Saved". It was great. It's about a very Christian girl who learns that her boyfriend might be gay. She tries to save him from that and winds up pregnant. Touching, intelligent, and hilarious in parts. And later, I realized something: I've changed quite a lot in the past year or two. Because, a movie about a single teenage mother who's fucked up in a few ways, and the guy who pursues her - at certain points in my life I would have become miserably depressed because of all the reminders of me and Carissa. But now, I didn't even think of her until the movie was over.

Me, Brian, Katye, and Seth hung out in Seth's room for a little while after that, talking about the movie and religion in general. And... that was Saturday. Dammit... I was supposed to work. Oh well, there's always Monday. :)

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