Monday, October 04, 2004

Huh, I see I didn't post over the weekend. It's not that nothing happened, I just didn't feel like it.

I went to the Train concert. It was fun - good music, and the lead singer, whatshisname, had an entertaining stage presence or whatever you'd call it. I mean, the music was good, and so were the jokes. "You know how at some concerts, you'll get people tearing their shirts off, and flashing the band? Well... I'd just like to thank all the guys in the audience for not doing it here." And lots more like that. But I really feel sorry for CAB and/or UR Concerts. Just a couple weeks after the CT Ed Board wrote an editorial saying basically that entertainment on campus sucked, which pissed a lot of people off (rightly, IMO) because they put a lot of work into that stuff and it's normally hugely successful, they hold the Train concert and they get terrible attendance. That must have been a terrible night for Anna. Not only was there that problem, but all through the concert she kept looking for her boyfriend Jesse, who never showed up. Sure, as far as I know, it's possible that he never firmly agreed to, but still - Anna's a great person, it takes a real idiot to leave her hanging.

There are a ton of CT stories this week, and there probably will be next week with Meliora Weekend coming up. That sounds bad, but it's really not, because we won't have to run crappy stuff to fill space and us editors won't have to write anything important.

My big project for the week, maybe even more important than the paper due Wednesday for English class, is cleaning my room before my parents get here for Meliora Weekend. Compared to some people, it's not bad, but still - what they don't know won't hurt me. :)

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Anonymous said...

"She's a great girl and it would take a real idiot to leave her hanging."

I fnd this strangely facinating that "you" wrote that.