Thursday, October 07, 2004

Huh. I would have posted once if not twice over the past few days, but Blogspot was having some weird technical difficulties. And I don't have the energy or even desire to write seperate posts with changed timestamps and stuff. So, here's my best attempt at remembering and summarizing what I was going to write.

Tuesday night: After seeing the Vice-Presidential debate, I left feeling depressed, convinced that Cheney had won by a little bit if not a lot. So I was surprised but relieved when Andrew Sullivan, Jesse and Ezra at, Kos, and several polls all said that Edwards had won or at least called it a tie. I've rarely been happier to be wrong.

Wednesday afternoon: Dude, I rule. I wrote four pages of a paper in about three hours and I think it turned out pretty good. Well, I probably shouldn't be patting myself on the back yet. But when I get it back, if I get a good grade on it, then a whole lot of patting myself on the back is merited. It must take some kind of writing skill to completely phone something in and get the same grade that a freshman would work hours on and plan carefully for. Also, when I quickly reviewed my paper at the last minute I found it a bit amusing how CT style is getting incorporated into all my writing (even here, with the italics and stuff).

Now: A very good CT night, I'd say. If we had had the usual five pages instead of six, or even if there weren't several other sections still around fighting with us for rank in the printer line, we would be out of here already. For once this week... nothing major went wrong. We assigned a lot of articles and more than enough of them came in, and were plenty long, and nothing really big came up at the last minute and so on.

I could get up to four hours of sleep tonight, depending on exactly how prepared I want to be for my classes tomorrow. And Meliora Weekend is on the way. Not bad at all. :)

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