Thursday, October 14, 2004

Okay, so technically, we didn't live the dream this week - technically.

For news, managing editor and editor-in-chief, and I think sports, getting out before 6 a.m. is called living the dream. Today, we called the paper done at 6:09 a.m. In other words... not too bad.

We were helped enormously by Meliora Weekend. A whole bunch of stories which just required writers to go to talks, ceremonies or whatever, and write about them. And in several of the cases the writer volunteered or was going anyway, so finding writers was easy too. I think we only had one story that required anything like investigation this week. There were only two reasons why we weren't out of there by 2 a.m. One: other people. When six different editors want to print their page at once, it takes a while. And two: I had to write that one investigative story (about a student government snafu. They make the CT look responsible and organized, and anyone who's written for us knows that's damn scary), and it involved a hearing that happened at 8 p.m. Wednesday. If that story could have been written even a little bit earlier, if we had the printer and proofreaders all to ourselves by some miracle, we could have been out of there by 2 a.m. - hell, 11 p.m. But considering this is the real world - no, 6:09 is nothing to complain about, I guess.

Of course, I'd be a lot more exultant (or simply asleep) if I didn't have a paper to write for a class, which I've barely started on and I've put off until the last minute. Yes, I'm an idiot.

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