Monday, October 11, 2004

Shit. They want my blood.

I stopped by the blood drive today just out of curiosity. Sure enough, they still have that thing saying that you can't donate if you spent over six months in Western Europe any time after 1982. But this time, I noticed a clause they didn't have last time I checked: now, it's six months in Europe after 1982 but before 1996. So next time - I can't today - I should donate.

Shit. I've had blood drawn twice, just enough to be tested for blood or tissue type. Both times it made me so dizzy and nauseous that I had to sit down or lie down after. Don't ask me why; maybe I'd be fine if I just did it on a full stomach or didn't look at the syringe or something.


Anonymous said...

that before '96 timeframe existed before I entered high school. you were obviously (subconsciously) ignoring it because you're a big baby.

I, of course, lived in England from 1992 until 1995, so I have no option. how sad.


A. Azuri said...

Duh. NEVER LOOK AT THE NEEDLE. At least not until it's been in your arm for a minute or so, when you're used to it being there. In my opinion, it's like your arm is being pierced with a piercing gun... you've managed to handle that, you had a piercing.