Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Well, this is certainly an unusual reason for a break. I've taken them before on Wednesday nights, usually because I'd leave the office to get quotes or something and take a few minutes extra off for whatever reason. And earlier in the afternoon, before things really get busy, I've taken naps. But this is the first time work was cut short by a fire alarm.

Yes, Wilson Commons is evacuated, and the CT office with it. I happened to be in the bathroom at the time, and I was damn lucky the alarm there wasn't making any noise. Since I live so close, I figured I'd just walk back to my room where I could have a seat and stuff, and have someone call me when we can go back.

I've experienced another fire alarm in Wilson Commons before, in fact. I was writing the story about the SA Constitution, and the Senate meeting on it was setting the Senate's standard for ridiculous, disorganized arguments. Because there had been weekly meetings of the Constitution Committee where anyone could go to give their two cents, but no one went, so a half-dozen problems came up on the night that should have been a simple yes or no vote. The debate on that one issue lasted about three hours. It finally finished around midnight and they moved on to the other order of business when the fire alarm went off, so they took a shouted, perfunctory vote as everyone was walking out the door.

Good omens about the rest of the night: for possibly the first time ever since I've been an editor, I chose to write a story this week and had it done before 6:30 at night. Which means I can devote my time to other stuff, and the part that is made almost impossible by distractions is finished.

Bad omens: I got an hour or two less than usual of sleep last night. I was yawning out loud by 2:30 in the afternoon. Hopefully enough caffeine and sugar will get me though the night all right. Well, hopefully it won't be that late a night - but let's be realistic.

Damn. I didn't bring my backpack with me when I came back here. All the work that could be done in a few spare minutes, like now, is in the CT office.

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