Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Holy shit - this article explaining structured procrastination might change my life.

And ordinarily it's so unorthodox that I might dismiss what it says as a joke or for people with a problem different from mine, except for one thing - when I saw the article, I was practicing it without even realizing it.

After my 12:30-1:45 class, I went to print something out and give to a Take Five advisor, and also ask a question about the letters of recommendation at Lattimore 312. Getting it and stuff took longer than I expected, so I wound up missing my 2:00 class. I was a bit mad at myself about that, because it seems like I miss that class relatively often. But when I went to the advisor's office, I accidentally went up one floor too far, and I saw that "structured procrastination" article on a professor's door. And that's exactly what I was doing without even trying. The class, really, isn't that important - attendance isn't taken, homework is given out in e-mail, and there isn't a test today. By contrast, I was working on making happen what I want to do next year, and from there I went on to buy an ink cartridge so I wouldn't be mooching of the CT office any more.

And besides all that, the article is funny.

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