Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Some things that happened yesterday:

I had read or heard in some class somewhere that in Renaissance England, it was fashionable in some situations for womens' dresses to have necklines that went lower than the nipples. The idea was to show that their breasts didn't have stretch marks, which meant they had never nursed a baby, which in turn meant that they were either virgins or were rich enough to afford wet-nurses. Well, yesterday in my Renaissance poetry class, the teacher mentioned that Queen Elizabeth practiced that habit - well into her seventies.

At dinner with Seth and Katye, the discussion somehow turned to Speedos. Now, while I was in France I went to this pool with a host family once, but for some reason that place didn't allow normal swimming trunks. So I bought a Speedo just for that afternoon, and I haven't used it since. So I said, "I had a Speedo once, but I gave it away to my dad." (Who swims to stay in shape.)

There. You may now proceed to scrub your eyes with steel wool. :)

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A. Azuri said...

Ummm... yeah. That's really interesting. I think your personal story is worse than the one from Renaissance England... well, you know me and my repressed side... I'd have fitted in just fine ;)