Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I really did not expect this. I found yet another of those quizzes on a friend's blog, and I took it, and this is who it said I was most like:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I think it's weird that I enjoy seeing people embarrassed in real life - like seeing them put their foot in their mouth or something - but I can't stand it on TV. I mean, I haven't watched sitcoms in a while, but when I did I'd always change the channel or leave the room if the plot revolved around someone accidentally misinterpreting an innocent remark (happened on "Frasier" all the time) or accidentally misusing a piece of clothing or some cosmetics (happened on "Friends" a lot.) It just always seemed so stupid, so pointless, so cruel... But in real life, I find that kind of cruelty fun. The best example I can think of was a few years ago. Jon (former Tiernanite) asked me how my girlfriend was doing, and I told him we'd broken up, and I gave him a detail or two that he really wouldn't have wanted. Two reasons: to see his expression, and to make him wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

Maybe I'm just an asshole. I don't know, call it schadenfreude.

Don't start singing, Kenny, dammit!

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Anonymous said...

you're not an asshole. You're just amused by people making an ass of themselves in person instead of on a tv. Welcome to my world.

It doesn't make you mean, or cruel, it means you find amusement where others might not.

besides - I stick my foot in my mouth around you all the time. ;)