Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Okay, first of all: what is with the wind? I was walking back from the coffee shop, and it was literally hard to stand up straight coming back. It was unbelievable! According to weather.com the wind is between 40 and 60 mph. For a while the wind blew me around, so I turned around, spread my arms, and let it hold me up. Nisha saw it and wondered what I was doing. Which brings me to -

Okay: what is up with Tiernanites at Common Ground? I went to get a coffee before a few hours of paper-writing. Sitting at a table with a couple friends I found Nisha, waiting for a drink she had ordered. At the booth next to the table with the sugar and lids, Laura Schell is sitting talking to Diano Santos (a former Tiernanite.) Across the room, Katie Fry and Lindsay are sitting with a few other people - APO, I'd guess. And as I'm leaving I hear a distinctive laugh - it's Kenny in a table at the back, sitting with Adam Bink and a few other people. I mean, all of us together are something like a sixth of the entire Tiernan Project, and we didn't go together, we just happened to all be there seperately or with friends. Bizarre.

Finally, I gave up on waiting for my problem with AIM to go away. So I uninstalled it, reinstalled, and created a new screen name. I am now cybishop1982. Unoriginal, sure, but who cares. I like cybishop but straight "cybishop" is already taken, cybishop007 is lost to me for some inexplicable reason, and any other combination of numbers would probably be even more unoriginal than either 007 or my birth year. So, everyone add cybishop1982 to your Buddy Lists. Don't delete cybishop007 just yet, I guess, maybe I'll eventually figure out the problem.

Also, as I said, I have my old Buddy List stored by Trillian - even though I almost never use it, preferring the simple and familiar interface of AIM - so I still have all the screen names from my old list, or very nearly. However... I have no idea how to find the Buddy List file, wherever it's saved on my computer. I'd really like to avoid having to type over a hundred screen names in anew -

What the fuck? Holy shit, it seems Trillian could do it for me! As I wrote this I was fiddling around with the Trillian settings, and I told it to sign on through cybishop1982, and suddenly about 30 "xyz has signed on" AIM notices appeared. That is so cool! I still have to create my old Buddy groups for this new account, and I have to add comments with everyones' names to their screen names (but maybe I'll stick with Trillian now, where that's a bit easier), but still, this rocks! Wow!

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