Saturday, January 15, 2005

Damn, but my iPod is great. Besides the usual incredible convenience of the thing, I just bought an iTalk. It's a doohickey that lets your iPod work as a tape recorder and gives it a speaker, so you can listen without earpieces on. It's not a great speaker, but the voice recorder bit is a lot clearer than a tape recorder, a ton easier to use because it's just like navigating through mp3 files, and it's a part of something I usually carry around anyway.

Weekend update: Thursday I went on a liquor run for Sandeep and friends, and later that night I joined the party at his suite. In addition to people I was already friends with or at least had met before, there was also this girl there named Tara. She's half-Indian, though I don't think she looks it, and half American, and she grew up in Switzerland. She speaks French and she thinks dimples are really cute on guys. Also, she had never been drunk before that night... so when the RA came by and told us to go home because neighbors were complaining about the noise, she got really freaked out and worried. And depressed. So the party ended with most of us sitting in Sandeep's neighbor's room trying to cheer her up and convince her that alcohol is not inherently evil or bad.

Friday afternoon I went to the senior class happy hour in Wilson Commons. In addition to the free food and free beer - a lot of people didn't want their drinks, so they were just giving away the tickets, I could have got drunk if I'd wanted - I also hung out with a lot of different friends and I got some notes for the CT, putting that iTalk to good use for the first time.

And Friday - well, history repeated. Just for a little variety, I joined Kenny and a bunch of people on our hall at a party in Kenny's room. Kenny again put his bartending skills to good use, trying out several new drinks. Besides some mixed drinks that were pretty fruity (literally - no slur intended), I also tried Southern Comfort. I could enjoy it in shots or in a mixed drink, but it's not meant to be sipped. I think last night was the only time in my life when Kenny was more drunk than me. We played "Never Have I Ever" for a while. The game didn't end until we were all out of fingers, and I think by that time some people were at like -8. :) I met a friend of Kenny's named Katie there, who spontaneously gave me a massage. Cool. I did something I'm not sure I've done all year: gone to Uncle Dickie's. Along with Kenny and Eric. But it was fucking freezing as we waited for Kenny's Italian sausage. That night ended with some weighty, soul-searching talk. But it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

Today I had a relaxing morning - dammit, I was planning on going to go to the gym, I'm going to go some time tomorrow come Hell or high water! And in the afternoon I got some lunch just before this CT open house, sort of an orientation/interest meeting, trying to both get the new editors up to speed and get some new writers/staff involved. Successful, on the whole.

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