Thursday, January 20, 2005

Damn. I've got some kind of computer virus which impersonates an AIM Away Message with a link to spread itself. So consider yourself warned - if my Away Message looks like it's not my style, it probably isn't. As far as I can tell this bestfriends.scr doesn't do anything but spread itself, but it's still a problem.

Well, hopefully this will teach me my lesson about Kazaa. Earlier today I decided I wanted to watch some TV shows I haven't seen since coming back to school, but using Kazaa apparently has gone from a crapshoot to Russian Roulette. Heh, I like that expression. (At least, I assume it's Kazaa. I can't think of where else I could have got this.)

A friend of mine suggested that I take it to ITS. But since my computer is a four-year-old desktop, that idea fits in somewhere between "impractical" and "insane." So I'm checking out this Web site in hopes their advice will help me fix it.

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