Monday, February 14, 2005

Do I want to go to swing dance class? The Masquerade Ball is over (not like I did a whole lot of dancing there, but anyways...), so it's not like I'll be using what I learn soon if ever.

It's a good way to meet people and make new friends. But chances are good that three months from now I'll be living in another state, so that's of limited value. Sometimes I have to consciously fight my anti-social tendencies so any choice to avoid a social scene is automatically suspect. But really, sooner or later I have to think about if something is or is not actually worth it.

Well, "worth it" - I make it sound like a huge burden. It's not great fun, but it's not like it's agonizing by any means. What else would I do with my time? Probably work of some kind.

Yeah, fuck it. There's other stuff I should do, and stuff that could potentially happen whether or not it's likely. I'm going to do some reading, some some editing and brief writing for various classes, and hang out with friends tonight - I might as well start now as an hour or two from now.

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Steve said...

Well, the thing is that the swing dance scene is a close-knit community. If you get to know people at one place, chances are you'll meet people from other places too.

And if you go swing dancing later on at, say, a Lindy Exchange, then you'll probably see some of the same people from your old town.

I would go anyway - better to have friends for three months than none at all.

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