Tuesday, February 22, 2005

In ITS right now. I just finished a legal brief summary for Freedom and the First Amendment. Pretty good - as far as I know I'm up-to-date in that class. (Interestingly enough, it's one of my two classes this semester on constitutional law, the other one being Criminal Law and Constitutional Procedure.)

The end of school is really creeping up on me. Scary and depressing. It's fear about what comes next, but only a little bit. I've got a great education, practically no debt and my parents are happy to help me out if I need it. So how good a job I find and how soon I find it are things to worry about, but I'm not going to be on welfare any time soon.

The thing that does bug me is the end of school. The friends I'll be leaving behind who I won't see again in person for years, if ever. There's all the stuff I always wanted to do in college, or always expected I'd do or always hoped would happen to me, and whoops, time's almost up.

On second thought though, there's surprisingly little of that. I've had my share of wild parties, met a lot of people who I really hope I do keep in touch with and even if not I'll treasure the memories, learned a lot in and out of class... there's been less of a love life in my college career than I'd like, but more good friends and fun than ever, so thinking about the problems suddenly seems more like pessimism than anything actually wrong with how things went.

"Went" - "have been going," dammit. It's not over for several months yet. Hell, I haven't even hit midterms for this semester.

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