Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kenny threw a knife at me!

He, Eric and I were having dinner in Danforth, and he just threw a knife at me, and threatened a lot more than that! And later, Eric threw a fork at me! I don't see why - all I did was make Kenny picture an econ professor fucking, and suggest that Eric hit on a gay guy.

The conversation turned to Steven Landsburg, an econ professor here who Kenny disagrees with but respects, or something. He's known for, among other things, arguing that if everyone had a lot of sex with multiple partners, the world would be a better place. The logic has to do with spreading out the risk of STDs - if more people who were relatively chaste slept around more, then the dating pool on average would be a lot safer. It's unclear exactly how serious Landsburg is about this and how much of it is to be shocking and thought-provoking, but Kenny says that he believes Landsburg means it at least a little bit.

So I said something like, "Um, I realize this is a dumb question because if the answer is 'yes' I really don't want to know how you know, but... does he practice what he preaches?" And he threw a knife at me for that. Geez, all I wanted to know was if the guy was intellectually consistent or hypocritical. From Kenny's reaction you'd think I'd made him picture his middle-aged econ professor at an orgy!

Oh, wait.

And later, we're suggesting that Eric hit on Pam, since she's one of the few people on the hall around his height. But he's adamantly opposed. So I said, "How tall is Seth?"

This stuff - and for that matter, a lot of things I say and how I act - reminds me of a line from Calvin & Hobbes: "My whole problem is my lips move when I think."

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