Sunday, February 06, 2005

Last night I went to the Masquerade Ball. Katye didn't want to dance, but still, it was nice. It's a far cry from how, right up until France, my parents had to fight with me to get me to wear anything more formal than a t-shirt or hoodie, but I think it' s fun to dress up all formal once in a while. Katye's refusal do dance didn't bother me - Hell, I'm a bad dancer myself - except for when the band played "Moonlight in Vermont."

After the dance we went to Katye's room and played Magic for a bit with Seth and his date. Later we had a nice talk with euphoric Kenny. And that was the night. A late night, and a good one. All in all, I don't regret that I didn't have a chance to get to one of Sandeep's parties this weekend.

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