Monday, March 21, 2005

Damn. Forgot all about that PBS telethon I had signed up for. But on the other hand, maybe the mistake was last night - when I signed up I must have forgotten that I had class at the time they were supposed to meet.

I had fun at my uncle's wedding over the weekend, but damn, it sure seems like I missed a lot at SIMCON (the annual gaming convention at UR, which happened to be held this weekend.) Now that I think of it, I think this year is the first time since 11th grade, maybe earlier, that I've had a group of friends that I shared my geeky interests with. One friend here and there who had a hobby that matched mine, and I've had plenty that were solitary activities, but this year I've spent a lot of time playing Magic: the Gathering with Kenny, Eric, Katye and Seth pretty regularly. It's great, and I'm going to miss that. Due to bad planning and just the way things happened I wasn't able to get my complete collection of cards to revise my decks and stuff, but half the fun in the new cards we're seeing is all the new, weird abilities, so I almost don't mind.

For better or for worse, I don't have any big assignments hanging over my head at the moment. Take-home midterm done, short story written, paper handed in - finis!

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